I’ll show you how to heal your relationship with your body, and food from the inside out.


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Are you on a constant rollercoaster of eating well, and then sabotaging yourself by eating badly?

Are you consumed with feelings or guilt, shame and fear when it comes to your relationship with your body and food?

Do you feel that you have a strong handle on all areas of your life except your relationship with your body, and food?

You have a deep, dark secret.. you just can't get a grip on your relationship with your body and food despite all the other success you've achieved.

Have you tried everything and nothing seems to create sustainable lifestyle change?

You've tried every diet, course, coaching and lifestyle program out there yet you can't seem to stick to anything!

You are NOT alone!

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Do you need to get off the sugar rollercoaster?

Do you: 

  1. Eat starchy or sweet, fatty foods until you feel uncomfortably full?

  2. Feel hungry after eating a full meal?

  3. Eat large quantities of sweets?

  4. Feel self-loathing, disgust or depressed about your eating?

  5. Turn to carbohydrate-rich foods or sugar when feeling down or upset?

  6. Plan to eat a small portion but end up binge eating?

  7. Find it difficult to cut back on starchy, sweet, fatty foods?

  8. Have difficulty stopping once you start eating starches, snack foods, sweets?

  9. Feel your eating habits are impacting negatively on your social, work or physical abilities?

  10. Find you cannot stick to healthy eating resolutions?

  11. Feel you need to (have to) have something sweet after lunch or dinner?

  12. Eat sweets secretly and hide the wrappers because you don’t want anyone to know?

  13. Eat one piece of cake and then come back for more and more?

  14. Feel as if you have a foggy head or your thoughts are unclear?


This Program Will Change Your LIFE! 

“Sugar is the #1 cause of preventable diseases in today’s culture”

“I spent many years trapped in the self-imposed jail known as addiction. I had little hope or faith that I would every reach my goals or live a life of my dreams. I felt fat, ugly and worthless and reinforced this daily by the way I treated myself. 

I binged and gorged on sugar and refined carbs and junk. I tried to push my thoughts and feelings away with food.

My sugar and carb addiction kept me stuck in old ways of being. I looked to external substances to soothe an internal problem.  There was a hole in me so big that nothing could fill.

It wasn’t until I addressed the core of my addiction that my life started changing. I want people to feel the same amount of freedom in their recovery from sugar addiction as I do every single way. 

Today I am proud to say: My name is Karen. I am a sugar addict. And today I know that I am worth it.

I want to encourage each one of  you to start fighting for your health and wellbeing. 

I truly believe we have everything we need within ourselves.  Through working on the programme outlined in this book I’ve slowly been restoring my body, mind and spirit to its natural way of being.  I have never experienced such freedom.

Change starts with each one of us.”

Karen Thomson

Sign up for the 21-day Sugar Free Revolution Challenge

Let me help you find freedom from having food control your life, thoughts, and feelings

Let's shift from mental obsession to clarity and focus

Overcome Your Mental Blocks Around Eating and Diets (where other programs have failed)

Let's investigate the underlying causes by restoring body, mind, and spirit

Heal your relationship with your body, and food from within 

Let's figure out the ways your are sabotaging yourself.


1 - The bond (even though we all lived in different parts of the world) was incredible during the 8 weeks between all of us.  I lost 12 pounds in just over 8 weeks on the programme, which was not a huge amount of weight, but that priority for me had changed, I needed to heal me first before I could really focus on anything else.  The emotional baggage that I  lost cannot be measured.  So the main benefit has to be that I have admitted, forgiven and learned to really love the person that I am and pupa to butterfly is emerging week after week. For this I am eternally grateful. - Sarah

2 - Hell yes!  I feel like I have been awakened from a life long coma.  The physical changes for me are :I DO NOT CRAVE SUGAR OR CARBS!  I really don’t.  I am cured .  Close on 80 days without sugar and carbs.  I do not have hormonal mood swings, I have no craving (other than overeating), I only eat twice a day mostly, as I am NOT HUNGRY – learning to listen to my body in every way. Feeling so empowered! - Julie

3 - This method I found to be ingenious as I would really look inside of myself, then weed out the bad and negative emotion, find the positive and then use that energy to drive me emotionally on a daily basis. There is of course the forum, this is an extremely powerful and wonderful way in which to connect with people that are in such similar circumstance to you. - Alana

4 - I have never been more successful trying to lose weight and get healthier. - Linda

Together we can do what we cannot do alone


Join the 21-day Sugar Free Challenge with Karen Thomson

Join the 21-day Sugar Free Challenge with Karen Thomson 


    1. 21 days of Video Modules - restoring body, mind, and spirit.

    2. Heal your relationship with your body, and food from within - helping you to identify the underlying issues making you resistant to change. We'll address self-esteem, self-sabotage, self-love in order for you to become your greatest advocate.

    3. Worksheets - helping you delve deeper in your journey of self-discovery.

    4. Exclusive Interviews and Case Studies - with key experts and real life course members like you.  

    5. Closed Facebook group with an incredible community.


Join the 21-day Sugar Free Challenge with Karen Thomson

Are you ready to change your life?


  • Reducing your sugar can help you feel better, lose weight and improve your ability to 

  • Potentially prevent many serious, chronic diseases.  

  •  Improve your quality of life and your self image, reinvent yourself and live the life of your dreams! 

Join the 21-day Sugar Free Challenge with Karen Thomson

Nice to meet you!


My name is Karen and I am the founder of the Sugar Free Revolution, an advocate of healthy eating, and a health + wellness coach committed to helping you heal your relationship with food and your body from the inside out ❤️


I am also author of the UK and South African bestselling book Sugar-Free: 8 Weeks to Freedom from Sugar and Carb Addiction, founder of HELP: Harmony Eating & Lifestyle Program (the world's first inpatient sugar and carb addiction program established in 2012), and creator of the first-ever LCHF Health Summit which took place in Cape Town February 2015. 


Through my extensive experience of working with clients suffering from addiction and eating disorders, I identified the need for a program assisting individuals in beating their sugar and carb addiction. Once struck with the idea, I approached some of the top people in the health and addictions fields to create a world-class treatment program dealing with the emotional, psychological, physiological, and spiritual aspects of addiction and so The Sugar Free Revolution was born. 

I hope to support you on your journey of healing yourself from the inside out.